Thursday April 20


Alexandra iranfar

Alexandra Iranfar is a San Francisco- based classical guitarist and soprano—who performs in solo and collaborative projects. She has been acclaimed as a "song stylist" by the San Francisco Examiner. Her most recent project brought her to Berlin, Germany where she filmed a music video for Open Strings Berlin who presents young upcoming artists. She is a founding member of SopraDuo, a performing chamber group, and has released two albums, one of which features all new music written for her duo by composers from the Guerrilla Composers Guild. In 2016, Sèrgio Assad wrote SopraDuo a piece for two-guitars and voice entitled "Variations on a Lullaby." Alexandra has commissioned over a dozen pieces for her unique abilities as both soprano and guitarist, including by GRAMMY- award winning composer, Christopher Tin.

Being not only a phenomenal classical guitarist, but also a soprano singer, she can be her own Duo partner and perform the most beautiful repertoire for voice and guitar by herself.
— Open Strings Berlin